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Lincoln Cathedral

The White Hart hotel

My job as a Press Officer at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce keeps me very busy and actively engaged in the Lincolnshire community. It's completely turned my life in Lincoln around and I could not be happier or feel any more blessed than I already feel. In only a few weeks, I've been able to experience a completely different side of the county and I am actively involved in projects which will potentially put this little city on the map. I've gone from feeling like an outsider to feeling like I am part of something really great and this has made all the difference in the world. While I still miss home terribly and ache to be back in Johannesburg, I am also feeling content in Lincoln for the first time in nine months. I know that life shouldn't revolve around your work, but for me work has become a tool to unlock Lincoln and has helped foster a sense of identity and connection in a city which has felt alien for the longest time.

Black and White Bowtie Pasta & HomeSense Giveaway winner

*  Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by HomeSense. All views are my own.
Oven gloves and recipe book c/o Homesense

On my latest trip to HomeSense, I picked up this bag of gorgeous black and white Durham wheat pasta amongst.  Admittedly, I fell in love with it because of the pretty black stripes which makes them almost too good to eat - I'm a sucker for black and white stripe as seen here. But I do love pasta and with the Autumn weather, a hearty bowl of pasta becomes more and more tempting especially when it comes in bow shape form! 

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