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Hi Everyone!

Today I have an exciting announcement for those of you based in the UK - HomeSense and I are partnering up over the next few weeks in celebration of the opening of their new store in Lincoln! This makes me incredibly excited, as having become a tad more grown up these last few months   what with pouring over interiors on Pinterest and buying furniture; I feel like Im ready to put my touch on the house. HomeSense then is my perfect partner in finding those unique and special pieces that really pull a room together. Also seeing Home Sense come to Lincoln means that Lincoln is one step closer to being the shopping mecca that I desperately want it to be - a girl can dream, right?

Ancient Ruins

French Connection Picnic Check Dress with Boohoo Lace up heels

French Connection Picnic Check Dress with Boohoo Lace up heels

Outfit: Dress - French Connection, Shoes - Boohoo, Bag - Zara, Sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins

Today’s outfit post focuses on a place that is quite special to Matt and a place that I could hopefully be spending a lot more time in but time will tell. This place is just down from our beloved Cathedral and Matt and I have spent quite a few evenings here after work sitting and chatting. It’s hidden away from the rest of the Bail Gate, and it’s seclusion and ancient ruins are a few of my favourite things about it. Those of you from Lincoln - can you work where this is? Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to do a proper reveal soon. This is one of those times where my life and fashion posts intermingle! 

6 months

Last week Wednesday marked 6 months in the UK. It's a massive milestone for me in my time here and one that I wasn't entirely sure that I'd make. The last 6 months have pushed me beyond my comfort zone and it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. But in celebration of this, I thought I'd share some of my highlights and some of the lesson's I've learnt and am still learning.

1. Getting a National Insurance Number.

2. Going to my first ever job interview. I've now been to 5. This has been a tremendously gruelling lesson of consistent perseverance. But that is a post for another day.

3. Transitioning a long distance relationship to an actual everyday relationship and still have all of the same feels for Matt when he's in close proximity. I was terrified that we'd finally be in the same city and then realise that we weren't meant to be. Thankfully, we still like each other. A lot.

4. Learning to take public transport. I miss my car so much but I have an appreciation of what it's like to be dependent on other modes of transport and making it work. After countless Friday afternoons with the bus running late, I've learnt to roll with the punches.

5. Rescuing the two Gingers. Finding Walt and Jesse was something that I didn't expect would happen so quickly in my time in England. But I wouldn't change having them for the world. When 'home home' feels so far away, having these two and Matt makes me feel like I am home and that I belong. And Matt likes cats now - score!

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