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A Day in York: Things to see and do

York is one of my favourite English cities, and each time I visit I find myself more and more enchanted with the place. It's similar to Lincoln in that it was also a Medieval town with a Minister, castle walls and market area. York is bigger however with a larger range of shops, Museums and Galleries. I love York for its cafe culture, historic ambience and cobbled steps. York is one of those cities that has seemlessly blended its historic past with Modern day times. The shambles, one of York's most notably features and similar to Diagon alley, is example of this blend where the current shops are actually in the preserved and restored old medieval shop fronts. It's magical.

One of the great things about York is that you can see so much of the city within the course of a day and everything is close together. These are some of my must sees for a day in York.


Pale pink & Leopard print

River Island Pink leopard print two-tone coat Outfit: Coat - River Island, Hat - Accessorize, Jumper - Primark,Jeans - Woolworths, Boots - Aldo, Gloves - Forever New
Hi! I am very much alive and so is this blog! I am so very sorry that I haven't been blogging, it has been traumatic not being able to update this space especially since it is has been my way to process all the change going on in my life. Sadly, in the process of moving hosting companies and country, my blog was neglected (not by me) and the domain expired without my knowledge. It took over a month to get to the bottom of the it and to find out what had happened and who was responsible. I was pulling my hair out over here in frustration, and not being able to blog was painful. I know some people may not understand this, but if you are a blogger you will feel my pain. Anyways, I am back and live again! 


Three and a half weeks

Come Wednesday I will have been in the United Kingdom for a month and to be honest, I'm freaking out just a tad. I have been incredibly lucky in the last three and a half weeks to have secured a temporary job in a digital role which considering the time frame and the UK's economy is nothing short of miraculous. I had hoped to find part time work so that I could continue to work with Pleiades Media (my mom's business) and freelance and blog more seriously, but with the availability of part time jobs and other factors, I've had to adjust my plans. This being said, I am looking forward to the challenges of working in an English business and being part of an internal digital communications team, and I am excited to grow my skill set and to learn. I do feel like I've thrown myself in the deep end as everything will be foreign for me; from taking the bus to work, to adjusting to business culture and working in a more structured environment. As if the last three weeks hadn't been an upheaval enough! Wish me luck because I am going to need it!