Adventures in Bath: Part Two

Royal Crescent, Bath
Royal Crescent, Bath

On our last day in Bath (see part one here) we decided to walk up to the Royal Crescent again and gaze longingly at the beautiful stately homes. We were blessed with sunshine which made these homes look all the more magical. I think if I could live anywhere in the world, Bath would be my number one choice. And I wouldn't mind my address ending in Royal Crescent at all! 

We then headed back down to the city centre to indulge in high tea at the Pump Room. Here we indulged not only our sweet tooth's and tea addiction but also lived out our Georgian fantasy for another hour or so! 

The Pump Room, Bath

High Tea at  the Pump Room, Bath

We split the Traditional Pump Room tea and a pot of Darjeeling tea which was more than enough for two of us. Once we had eaten every last crumb and drank our tea down to its dregs, it was time to say farewell to Bath and continue on with our road trip. Tears may have been shed in the process of saying goodbye...Bath truly is a one of a kind city and it has left a lasting impression on both myself and my mother. I can definitely say that this won't be the last time that I find myself in Jane Austen's home town! 

Adventures in Bath: Part One

Hello everyone!

You may have seen that things have been very slow and quiet on the blog these last few weeks - again! I've just come out of a shockingly hard time with August being dogged with two job interviews, completely stressed out with the urgency to get into a new job, being sick for 6 weeks and the death of my Granddad in South Africa. It has been rough, so rough. I want to blog more about that, and be truthful around my ongoing transitions in the UK, the pain of job interviews as well as the quarter life crisis I find myself in. So I am saving that for a longer and very personal post.

But in happier news,  this week I'm on a little roadtrip through the UK with my mom who is visiting from South Africa. We are a few days into the trip, and already I feel more rested, happier and healthier and so inspired to take pictures and blog, which is wonderful. So without further ado, here's a look at part one of our trip to Bath.

Bath Abbey
Bath Assembly Rooms
The royal crescent, Bath
Bath, Somerset
The Pump Room, Bath
I had no preconceptions of Bath though I had heard that it was one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Well, never mind the UK, how about in the whole world! This city took my breath away with it's Georgian architecture, the sense of theatre and pageantry and the buildings bathed in honey. As we entered the city, my jaw was on the floor as the history and beauty of this small city permeated all of my senses. In one word - magnificent. 

HomeSense comes to Lincoln

 *  Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by HomeSense. All views are my own.

 For those of you fellow Lincolnites, you’ll be excited to hear that HomeSense finally opened its door last week.  I visited the store on its opening day and was absolutely astounded by the range of products and the prices. It was my first time in a HomeSense store and I loved the colours,vibrancy and eclecticism. I was most impressed by the layout and sectioning of all the goods that cater for a variety of tastes and customers. You could be in colourful exotic Morocco in one section, and then walk over a few metres and land up in a shabby chic kingdom – so much fun!

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