Asian Influence

There are some truly special designer items that are hidden in the treasure trove of my mother's somewhat chaotic cupboard. Finding true international designer pieces that are not hugely expensive would be impossible without some second hand boutique stores that focus on good quality fashion at a reasonable prices. Over the years my mother has found some gems at Salou, a second hand boutique that was in Sandton. Sadly it is now closed, leaving a large hole in our hearts, if not our cupboards! It is stores like Salou which put this Yohji Yamamoto shirt within reach of this clothing ambitious 21 year old. 

Yohji Yamamoto, for those of you not familiar with him, is a Japanese designer who along with other Asian contemporaries, Kenzo and Issey Miyake, is responsible for Asian design's focus on exhibiting the body through the art of concealment. This aesthetic stems from the geometric forms of the kimono. For these designers, the body itself became a work of art through creating new proportions through clothing. 
Much like in the Japanese tradition of fashion, fabric for Yamamoto is foundational to his design and it this superpositioning of clothing is what best defines his silhouette. Yamamoto is considered the master of cutting where the fabric is what inspires the garment. Rigid material is transformed into angular design and flowing fabric morphs into soft flowing forms. 

When I think of Yamamoto, I think of his aesthetic with destructured forms that have now  become more structured with fitted silhouettes. All in the spirit of couture with an Asian twist! For me this outfit is all about the structure of the shirt with the volume of these Whistle trousers found in London. While the shirt looks very slouchy, it's structured with a collar that can be rolled up or down, transforming it completely. I love that this outfit is all about confidence and working a look that can easily look dumpy and unflattering. Perhaps it's a little bit Japanese school boy? 

The heels help balance the pants especially
when you have height issues like myself!
Love the two tone fabric and the subtleness of the back.
Now if I can just get myself to Japan....

What's in my toolbox...

 Happy Friday readers!
I have had such a busy and happy day. The busyness however continues despite my wanting to collapse on the couch with a glass of wine. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning with some friends for a Church getaway two hours outside of Joburg. I'm really excited just to hang out, learn and spend time in God's presence in such a beautiful area. But before I can, I need to pack and get things ready, but not before this little post. 

This post was inspired by the age old 'What's in your handbag' blog post as seen here in one of my most favourite blogs, Wish Wish Wish. What's in my handbag isn't quite as interesting as Carrie's so I decided to tweak the post and show off some of my most useful tools that I rely on. 

Macbook, iPhone 4, Lamy fountain pen and Moleskine notebook

I love Apple and have been spoilt for life thanks to my Macbook and now my iPhone. My Macbook is probably my most treasured possession and has weathered a hard drive crash, traveled through America and is the birthplace of the Angelheaded Hipster. Coco, the iPhone is just too lovely for words. I can go on and on about what I love but my top feature is the application. All the latest fashion shows at the touch of a screen.
I guess once you go Mac, you never go back

One of the greatest combinations in life are Lamy pens and Moleskine notebooks. I like to believe that these two are part of the Botha brand as my family has a habit of giving people both when we really like someone.

This pen was a gift for my 21st birthday from my uncle and aunt, and is engraved with my name on the lid.
The notebook is my journal from this year so far and is full of some tough stuff, good things and lots and lots of God's promises to me for this year and into the future. I can't wait to read it back in years to come. 
So there's a little insight into my world and things which help me order my life. I have another post or two lined up for Sunday so until then, have a lovely weekend! 


Domestic Diva

I'm one for challenges and this last week I decided to challenge myself and make two skirts instead of just buying some. Now my sewing experience is somewhat limited but I am really pleased with the results and these new skills I'm learning to hone.

The first skirt is a gold sequinned mini skirt that I have been wanting to make since the beginning of the year. The second skirt is made from a grey melange fabric. I wanted a plain short skirt that I could wear with longer tops and blazers as an alternative to wearing shorts. I love the process of creating something and I particularly love seeing fabric and envisioning what to make out of it. I think it goes back to memories of watching my mom sew and going along with her to choose fabric and patterns. Material stores have always been special to me because as a little girl, my mom and grandmothers always took me along on their material hunting adventures. I remember getting lost in the rows and rows of fabric in an array of colour and texture. The perfect playground for a future fashionista! 

The grey melange over the sequin fabric.

Sparkly sequins make me smile. 

In the process of putting the seam and zip in
(the fabric is inside out)
The finished product: 

This skirt makes me feel like dancing, and honestly it reminds me of Kylie Minogue circa her Fever days.

Here's the grey skirt which has been worn almost non-stop this week. I love how flexible and cute it is, especially with this pink blazer. 

These tights are the best. 

I can't wait to wear both of these skirts out. I'm proud of my efforts and take great satisfaction in having made them myself. 

I do apologise for not being able to post as often as I normally do. The busyness of life has increased though I'm not quite sure how. And I try to put a lot of effort into my posts which takes time. So bare with me please! 

Also, check out the new twitter and facebook badges on the left. I finally decided to create a facebook page for this blog, so if you like The Angelheaded hipster then please 'like' it here

Thanks for all the support!
Much love,

Decorex 2011 - A Design Wonderland

On Tuesday, (Women's day here in South Africa), my mom and I along with a friend ventured to Decorex Joburg, South Africa's largest d├ęcor and design exhibition. This amazing exhibition is a visual feast of colours, forms, shapes of the moment with every design finishing possible from; furniture, paintings, kitchen appliances, handbags, fabric and beadwork.  

Here are a few pictures of the stalls and their creations that left me feeling very inspired! 

My mom and her fabulous tweed jacket which was a find at a secondhand store in Sandton. 
Design Team's stall. 
Love the use of tennis rackets as decorative objects in Con Amore's display.
As my mother told me, these rackets were very real sports equipment
 in her youth and now they're merely decorations! 
My favourite display of the day (also from Con Amore). The use of the Union Jack flag in design was everywhere and is definitely a major design trend. But I also found it quite sad at the same time what with England in uproar because of the riots. 

The surprise of the day - Laduma Ngxokolo (above), designer at Maxhosa knitwear and one seriously talented man. Ngxokolo's amazing mohair creations are so original and unique with a nod to Xhosa tradition, making them more than just a fashionably warm jersey. The designs on his jerseys are taken from original Xhosa beadwork-inspired motifs. Ngoxokolo initially designed these jerseys for Xhosa abakwetha (initiates) who after undergoing the traditional ritual of circumcision burn their entire wardrobe and buy a new one. Often the abakwetha replace their clothes with Pringle Argyle sweaters. Ngxokolo felt that it was a pity for the initiates to have undergone this cultural rite of passage and to return in clothing so far removed from what they had just experienced. 

My mom scored an interview with the quiet designer and should be up on her blog: Voices from the Tip soon! 

I love this fusion of traditional South African culture with modern, trendy fashion!
The fact that it's also knitwear is also impressive! 

Oh my word, this stand was just too amazing.Recreate is an interior design range by Katie Thomas using entirely recycled 'junk'. 

"An object is no longer being used for its original purpose in life! That purpose has expired and I have recreated a beautiful 'something else' " Katie Thompson

These little bird hangers were my find at Decorex. I have recently started reorganising my room, something which I should have done at the beginning of the year but just didn't do. I am the worst at transitioning into new things... seriously. Anyway, it is now August and I am hanging up a handbag hanger on the back of the door and I have a feeling that these two birds will more than likely be holding more handbags. And anyway, these birds by Tintown are just too sweet not to find something to use them for. 


These make me happy

Shirt- Country Road. Pants- Mr Price. Belt - Jenni Button
Necklace - Forever New. Veldskoens- Zoom
These 'slightly' mad corduroy skinny leg pants were a sale find at Mr Price, and I have to say I love 'em. Outrageous? Yes. Out there? Yes. Headturners? You betcha! A year ago, I would never have dared wear something as crazy and bright as these pants and would have stayed happily in my girly dresses and pumps niche. But these pants represent something of an evolution in both my style and my life personally - I am so happy and free. And now, I will wear whatever I bloody well please. 


Pretty is as pretty does

It seems that everyone in the blog world here in South Africa is raving about the Amber Jones range for Mr Price and I am now one of them! Amber’s range from the ELLE New Talent Designer search 2010 goes by the name, ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ and is the first range to be launched by Mr Price this year. 

I love Mr Price's commitment to South African fashion and helping to launch designers into a wider market. Not every girl can splash out on South African fashion so the fact that most of the items retail under R150 is awesome! Even better these clothes are all so unique and well made and definitely don't look cheap or mass produced. 
Check out Amber's Blog. 

Some of Amber's designs:

 Amber's sketches: 

I have the jumpsuit which I love and have worn it to a birthday dinner and a wedding already! I love that its is so easy to dress up or down. 

The painting in the background is by Peter Midlane, a South African artist who is also a family friend. What characterises Peter's work are the marks left by man on the land and how they record the passage of man over the landscape. I was lucky to be able to do a photostory on him last year and here are some pictures from the story. 

And something more...Woolworths are distributing products by Love & Toast that I am obsessed with. Behind Love & Toast's beautiful beauty products and packaging (which I think it my personality perfectly 'boxed' up) is their even sweeter philosophy - It is just as important to do good as it is to look good. 

More than the products, it is this philosphy which really speaks to me as it something that I try to do everyday. As much as I love to look good and to dress beautifully, I also want to make a difference and bring light into people's lives. I've just started volunteering as a youth leader with teenagers from my church and other churches around the area. And it's something I never thought I'd do but as soon as I started to talk and engage with them, I saw that this was where I was needed. It's not even a case of just sharing the Gospel with them but it's also about being there for them. Whether it's to offer advice or just to listen to them and their very real struggles in their lives. To be someone they can trust. 

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