Oh, hello there Betty Draper

This morning when getting dressed for work, I found myself inspired  by the icy blonde, Betty Draper from my favourite tv show, Mad Men. While this is somewhat of a twist on Betty's early 1960's style, I did find myself fantasising for a pair of white gloves and perfectly curled hair.

The lovely shoes from yesterday's post 

Outfit: Jacket - Woolworths, Dress - Big Blue, Shoes - Edgars

This dress is a bit of an oldie from Big Blue four years ago. What makes this dress so unique is how the flowers look like they are painted on the fabric which reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night.


Favourites of the week

Hello again,
here's my second post for the day. Check out my earlier outfit post here

In the last post I mentioned my need for more work appropriate clothes. Shocking I know given my rather large clothing collection. But it's true and I've been remedying said problem with a little bit of shopping this week. One of the things I needed were some more appropriate high heels that were both practical to run around in and stylish enough for a PR girl. Here are the two rather lovely pairs I found at Edgars, both at the rather nice price of R200. 

Nude patent Kelso heels
I have been longing for a pair of these but all the ones I've seen in shops are too high. I won't bother explaining how difficult it is to find a good pair of heels that suits a slightly buggered right ankle. But these are the perfect height and will look perfect with shift dresses or with skinny jeans and cream blazer. 

 Pointed mock suede Kelso heels
Every girl needs a great pair of black practical heels that can be worn both casually and for smart occasions. I believe these are the perfect ones. They are also incredibly flattering to my feet as the narrow point elongates the leg. What girl with short legs doesn't want her legs to look longer? 

I must be in a very ladylike mood this week as this little satchel perfectly matches my new Cotton On Peter Pan dress. I love the look of a classic satchel bag and this is a great addition to my growing work ware collection

Arian Behzadi's Mixed media collages
While browsing Trendland, I found these amazing collages made by biological sciences student Arian Behzadi who makes these works with Newspaper mood-board collages, paint and vintage photographs. As a collage lover and maker, I am so inspired by these images. 

Style inspiration - Rachel Bilson 
I'm more than obsessed with this girl and her gamin style that's both feminine and edgy. 

Bon Iver - Come Talk To Me
I just love Bon Iver and this song is one of my favourites of his

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! It's been such a busy week on my side with lots of exciting developments happening for The Angelheaded Hipster which I hope will come through in the next month. There's nothing quite like starting to live your dream. 


The Peter Pan collar

So if you hadn't realised, the title of this post comes from Peter Pan which is also the name of this fancy little white collar on my new Cotton On dress. I am a recent convert to Peter Pan collars though they've been in fashion for quite some time. Perhaps it was the fact that suddenely they were on everything that put me off or that they seemed like they belonged on a 1960's school girl's pinafore that didn't quite do it for me. However, I have since changed my opinion since buying this little shift dress in Cotton On yesterday morning. I've been thinking that I need to invest in some shift dresses for work functions as in my 'large' clothing collection, I don't have too many things which are appropriate enough for client launches and functions. While it's pretty cool being able to wear shorts and jeans to the office, I'm having to invest in not only new pairs of shoes for work but some dresses as well. So I expect to be blogging about the working wardrobe sometime soon! 

 I love this shift dress for how ladylike it is whilst being easy to wear. I have to say Cotton On really specialise on easy to wear dresses that can easily be thrown on, making for quick and fashionable look with a minimal amount of fuss. My Cotton On Polka dot dress from a few weeks back has been such a pleasure to wear and I'm sure this new little number will be as well. 
These second hand Steve Madden Mary Jane shoes are steady favourites of mine.
 I'm obsessed with the ruffles!
Something on the side - 

How beautiful is this unexpected picture my mom snapped of me and my sister (and photographer) Rachel? It captures the closeness of our relationship so well. 


Can we play scrabble on your legs?

/ Favourites of the Week

This post is both an outfit post as well as the belated Favourites of the week post. It's just been one of those weeks with a million things happening all at once and I haven't been able to commit to more posts. But the outfit features lots of my favourite pieces of clothing so I'm still counting it! And despite the busyness this week has been fantastic with lots of new adventures and experiences. 

To the outfit - 
The title of this post is of course inspired by my fab House of Holland tights (seen here). I wore this outfit out with friends and as soon as I arrived, I was repeatedly asked if my tights doubled as a scrabble board. They have now been dubbed the scrabble tights, which is a lot better than the other nickname. I'll give you a hint -  the letters which are repeated the most are H and O.... H is apparentely worth four points. I wouldn't know as scrabble is not my forte. I have such 'lovely' friends, really I do. 

H and O's asides, the skirt is from Cotton On and very different from anything I would ever normally wear as. But I quite like how a skirt like this is a great basic for layering when winter comes with stockings, boots and cardigans. The shoes are also Cotton On and are my steady favourites. Though I fear they won't last another three months. 

This Rozanne & Pushkin necklace has been on this blog more times than I count but I'm still not tired of The Keep Calm and Carry On message. 

Just a few favourites of the week - 

The Bioscope at Main Street Life

On Friday evening, my group of friends decided on trying something different in Joburg and went to the Bioscope at Main Street Life, next to Arts on Main ( which I wrote about here). The Bioscope on Fox Street is the only independent cinema in Johannesburg and shows films that you aren't likely to see any cinema. And while the film - Green-  wasn't loved by any of us, it was such a  unique experience being able to eat Pizza and drink beer while relaxing in comfy seats and one we are all keen to repeat. Here are some instagram pictures from the night. 

The Chalkboard Cafe
Right next door to The Bioscope is the Chalkboard Cafe and this was my highlight of the night. I don't know what it is about chalk and tables that you can draw on which turns a group of twenty-somethings into five year olds again. I can only imagine what great pieces of art those tables have seen but I can vouch for our table, their were no such great artworks. But it was fun none the less! 

This beautiful drawing was on our table when we sat down and
 we just couldn't face erasing it. 

Kitty and Puppy Haven
Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook will have seen how my profile has been taken over by this awesome organisation. I recently discovered them while looking for animal shelters to volunteer at. I just started there as a dog walker on Saturday mornings and I am so enjoying it. I have a very soft heart towards animals and initially didn't know if I could handle working with animals who have come from abusive situations. And while I do have a cry in my car every time I leave, I couldn't imagine not being there and helping out. It both warms and breaks my heart all at the same time, but being with them  is the highlight of my week every week. I really recommend Kitty and Puppy Haven to anyone looking to adopt as the animals are their number one priority and are in amazing condition despite their circumstances.. Just look at the gorgeous Isabella who I walked yesterday. She is just too sweet for words. 

Hopefully next week I will be more adept at balancing the busyness of working life with socialising and loving on animals and can give each post the attention it deserves. 




How lovely and playful is this peek-a-boopleated Maxi skirt from Woolworths? I am in love with this floaty skirt which is lovely and light for a hot summer's day. But more than just a great skirt for summer, I love the combination of being covered up while showing a cheeky bit of leg! A major trend at present, this peek-a-boo maxi skirt is lovely  as it can be dressed up or down with a killer pair of heels making this skirt a great staple in my slowly evolving working wardrobe. I'm thinking of pairing it with a crisp white collared shirt for even more of a statement.

For it's first outing out I chose to pair it with a mixtures of textures like my pleather jacket, cotton leotard top and some chunky vintage pearls. 

outfit -  Shoes - Edgars, Pleather jacket - Bombshell at YDE

My other recently discovered trend are chunky necklaces as blogged about in last week's favourite things post. I dug out these gorgeous pearls which were found at the Rosebank Flea market and are from the 1950's. They've survived having to be restrung and deserve to be displayed and worn more often. 

I know on Wednesdays I normally blog about things inspiring me at present, but today I just didn't get there. Not that there aren't things which are exciting me - there are plenty! Today I just felt like sharing this pretty little skirt which I can't wait to wear more often. Expect a Favourite things post soon, promise! 

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