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I just want to keep this brief and let the clothes speak for themselves. The star of this outfit is this copper coloured metallic jersey from Zara. I first saw this exact jersey in Zara on the Kensington high street in London last year. I have been in awe of it since then and last week I finally found it in the Santon Zara store last week. Paired with this sparkly sequin skirt that I've been wearing to death lately, makes for quite an amazing though admittedly, over the top look. An arguement could be made for there being a lot of sparkle in one look, but I think it works so well together. 

Outfit: Jersey - Zara, Skirt - made by me, shoes - Edgars, Earrings - My mom's from the 1980's




Outfit: Dress - Jayjays, shoes - Edgars, necklace - Rozanne & Pushkin

I heard Daylight by Matt and Kim earlier today and it took me back to 2009 and my semester abroad in Louisville, Kentucky. All at once the memories of hot humid days, red solo cups, Beer Pong, new friends, and many late night chats in Anniversary Hall. I will never get over how music has the ability to take me back to a time in my life when I was I'm nineteen and experiencing life in a foreign country all over again. So with the poetry of Matt and Kim ringing in my ears, I thought it was a good post title for my outfit of the day, this fabulous little striped dress from Jayjays with bare legs and sandals. May as well celebrate late warm sunny afternoons before the cold weather settles herself in for the next few months. 

For the new followers I've gained through the Independent Fashion bloggers network and to you loyal followers who've been with me for a year, I hope you will continue to read this blog as come April, there are some very exciting developments for The Angelheaded Hipster as well as the launch of the new design!




 The title of this post of comes from the colour of the moment - greige. Greige is the ever so cool combination of grey and beige which is a trend for Winter and in particular, nail polish. I'm quite taken with this colour and have been wearing it on my nails for the last week. But the outfit which I wore earlier this week is also all about greige and I just love it.  

You may recognise this treasured Zara jacket from last Sunday's post and the pants are Marion and Lindie jodhpurs which I last wore here. The jodhpurs are a size too big, but their bagginess is slowly growing on me more and more. I see many more outfits with the pants as the weather grows chillier and chillier. 

Essence nail polish in greige

Outfit: Jacket - Zara, T-shirt - HotIce, Jodphurs - Marion & Lindie, Handbag - Taken by storm, Ankle boots - Woolworths



A little Peter and Zooey

I wore this outfit to Church on Sunday, when it was quite chilly, and got quite a few compliments on it so I thought it would make a good outfit post. The Peter Pan collar dress is of course my new favourite from Cotton On which I featured a few weeks back here.The outfit reminds me of my absolute girl crush, Zooey Deschanel, who I am slightly obsessed with because of The New Girl

This ring comes from my Miss Dior Cherie perfume and despite being slightly too big for my finger, it makes for quite a statement ring. 

Outfit: Blouse - Woolworths, Dress - Cotton On, (well worn) ankle boots - Woolworths



Foxxxy Lady

 Sundays are undoubtably my most favourite of days. And a day that starts with inspiration for a blog post makes for an even better Sunday. This post features three clothing pieces I've been wanting to show off for a little while. The most important is a white Zara jacket which I have been lusting over for the last few months and thanks to having a big girl job, I can afford such a luxury piece. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of buying something so lovely. And while it's meant I've had to be on a budget for the last little while and will be for the rest of the month, I know it's worth it. 

The second piece is this Fox scarf from Next in the UK, which I bought in my last few minutes  at Manchester airport back in November last year. I love it for the quirkiness of the foxes and for how soft and cuddly it feels around my neck. I can't wait to wear it more regularly as Autumn gets under way. 

Lastly, this simple cream blouse with gold buttons down the back was also a UK find from last year from Zara in London. When I first saw this blouse I loved the simpleness, the structure and the unexpected twist of the gold buttons down the back. The funny thing is that earlier this week when I bought my cream jacket from the Sandton Zara flagship store, I saw this exact same blouse there. Good to know Zara in South Africa is every bit as good as the other Zara stores worldwide! 

You may have noticed the Kerouac cat's constant presence in these pictures and for that I have no control over. Some days he shows no interest in being pictures and on other days like today, there is no saying no to him. He very calmly took his place right next to my feet and refused to leave my side. Such a precious boy!

A little bit of news on the blog front, the new site is being built this week and will be live soon! And after a very inspiring friday night with my good friend, Jane (Hi Jane!), some ideas about The Angelheaded Hipster brand have been born, and I just can't wait to see them take flight. But until then, I'm keeping mum ;)