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Bits and pieces

I'm a little bit of an Instagram addict. I love how easy Instagram makes documenting parts of my life and to share them. If you want to find me on Instagram you can find me under @miss_botha. Here are some bits and pieces of my life over the last few weeks.

I'm off to the bush tomorrow for a couple of days for a little rest and relaxation. So no blogging until Thursday. The Rayne giveaway is still open and will be open till next week Wednesday. Thanks to all of you who have been entering, the support means a lot to both me and Jessica. If you've haven't been able to comment on that post, as some of you have been saying, just leave me a comment on The Angelheaded Hipster facebook page here or tweet me here. If this giveaway is new to you, check out the post here and stand a chance to win the beautiful daisy print blouse in the above collage. 



Rayne Lookbook and Giveaway!

I am so excited to be putting this post together and even more excited to be having my first ever giveaway! Yay! So for the last three weeks, I've been featuring quite a few posts featuring the lovely Jessica Rayne and her beautiful clothing line Rayne. Jessica has been kind enough to giveaway this beautiful daisy print blouse to one of you lucky readers! 

I just love this blouse and it first caught my eye at the Rayne and Asseblief Vintage Pop Up shop I wrote about last week. But if you are anything like me, you may be slightly intimidated by wearing print. I can count the amount of printed clothing I own on one hand. Jessica Rayne, however is known for her creative use of vintage prints. So in a bid to learn to embrace the versatility of print and also to demonstrate how versatile an investment piece like this daisy print blouse is, here's my take on how to wear a Rayne piece in three different ways. 

Look One - 80's style daisies 

My favourite look out of the three. I love how the sheerness of the daisy print is complimented by the edgy black pleather.

Look Two - High waisted and buttoned up

While it's tricky wearing a slightly oversized blouse with these voluminous high waisted pants by Jo Borkett, the pants add a sophistication to the girliness of the this blouse.

Look Three - Daisies all dressed up

When worn underneath a well cut coat and buttoned up, this blouse becomes understated and all the more chic.  Who says print has to be overwhelming? 

I hope that this little lookbook, with my own spin on a Rayne essential, has encouraged some of you to be adventurous with print. Through this little experiment, I've definitely learnt that instead of being a limiting piece of clothing, a printed blouse like this one actually lends its self to a variety of different moods and looks. 

So with that, how do you go about winning this piece? It's really quite easy and open to my readers all over the world - not just in South Africa. It will of course be dry cleaned before I send it off - no question about that. 

- Like my facebook page here.
- Like Rayne's facebook page here.
- Leave me a comment on this post with your email address so I can get in touch with the winner. 
- If you are unable to leave a comment on this post, just leave me a comment on the facebook page here
- And for an extra entry into this giveaway tweet me with the hashtag #RayneGiveaway

The giveaway will end on Wednesday, 9 May. And the winner will be announced on Thursday, 10 May. So get those entries in! 

Good luck! 


Twilight and Roses

One thing about the weather growing cooler is that the light starts disappearing later making it that much harder to take outfit post especially when I work until 5pm. I loved what I wore today so much so we decided to try and take some pictures despite the dark light of twilight. 

This Miyabi lace dress was previously seen here, and while I love it, it is quite difficult to wear all year round. The thick lace and long sleeves makes it too hot for our South African summer, but the teeny tiny pale pink slip underneath the lace ensures that this dress is definitely too cold for winter. However our sunny but cool Autumn weather makes this dress perfect for days like today. Paired with my ultimate winter essential - black tights, pleather jacket and my trademark ankle boots. 

Nice forceasting of the Peter Pan collar trend which seems to be finding its way onto most dresses and blouses. 

Outfit: Dress - Miyabi (found at The Space), Jacket - Bombshell at YDE, Ankle Boots - Aldo



Asseblief & Rayne pop up Vintage shop

A few weeks ago, I attended exciting collaboration of vintage clothing specialists Jessica Rayne (of Rayne) and Christopher Wagner (of Asseblief) organized by Gaschette at Trabella restaurant in Illovo. Brought together by a love of vintage clothing, these two joined forces in the below photo shoot featuring models of the moment; Abby and Claire Meekel. 

Asseblief for those of you not familiar with Joburg vintage scene, is comprised of once off vintage pieces, all older than fifteen years, handpicked and laundered by Christopher Wagner. Asseblief is a treasured source of vintage clothes for many Joburgers with a loyal customer base which can be found at the Neighbourgoods Market at 73 Juta Street on Saturdays.

If you've missed out on my Crown of the Month feature, Jessica Rayne and her label Rayne, is this month's recipient chosen because of the uniqueness of her label which balances the preciousness of vintage clothing with the demands of a modern girl's cupboard. Each piece of Jessica's clothing is selected, carefully deconstructed and remade into a contemporary and modern silhouette.

Here are some of the pictures from the evening's fabulous collaboration, featuring not only some of their clothes but also some of the faces making up the Joburg fashion scene. 

Christopher Wagner and Jessica Rayne

Shayna Goncalves holding her latest purchases.
 Jacket & belt both by Asseblief

One thing I love about Joburg is running into unexpected faces. Khatija and I were in the same journalism class at Rhodes. Turns out she is a big vintage clothing lover as well. 
Fully beaded cardigan by Rayne
Rachel's purchase of the evening, a polka dot corduroy shirt by Asseblief.

This Rayne blouse was featured in the 'Poor little rich girl' photo shoot. 

I just love this beaded cardigan so much.
It's one of my favourite Rayne pieces. 

I hope this has been enough to wet your appetite and to introduce you to the wide variety of Rayne clothing that is available both through Jessica personally and through ASOS marketplace. Watch this space as one lucky reader will have a chance to win a one of a kind Rayne piece! More on that soon!



Creature Comforts

Some days nothing beats being snuggled into a big jersey. Today has been one of those days. Last night, a client of ours, Cruises International - a cruise line operator, had a major media function in commemoration of a hundred years since the Titanic sunk at Le Canard in Sandton. This was by no means my first event of this kind, but it was the first time I actually knew what I was doing and what I was responsible for, which turned out to be quite a bit. Talk about PR initiation! Since Monday, this event has taken over our office and we finally finished work at 12am last night....Yes, even sitting at a ten course dinner is work. So to say that my mother and I were a little wiped out from all the stress, work and late nights would be an understatement. I believe my  words this morning were that I felt as though I'd been steamrolled. 

Thank goodness today has been one of the quietest days in the office, allowing for all of us to recuperate physically and mentally. All I can say is that PR is not the glamourous job it appears to be. It's a job one of managing relationships between clients and media, their expectations of one another and running around to ensure that we stay five steps ahead of anyone else. And all while in heels nogal! 

So with that, you can understand why I decided to spend the day wrapped up in this big cream jersey and snood. I'm definitely a creature of comfort and for there's nothing quite like a big cuddly jersey, late afternoon sunshine and an unexpectedly quiet day to make me feel sane again. 

I love having the time to take advantage of the golden hour of Autumn sunshine in the late afternoon and walk around in our long veld grass. 

So with that, I think I'm off to an early night. Tomorrow, I'll be posting another Rayne feature so sit tight till then! 



Hello Deer

This beautiful Stag brooch is a recent find from Accessorize and I love it how quirky and offbeat it is. I did think that initially it may be a bit sinister since it is reminiscent of a mounted stag head. I'm choosing to look beyond those overtones and just enjoy it for what it is - a very pretty and quirky piece of jewellery.

Today I'm wearing it with this cream batwing blouse from County Road and my schoolboy style tweed shorts from Woolworths

Outfit: Blouse -Country Road, Shorts - Woolworths, Stockings - Woolworths, Brooch - AccessorizeShoes - Edgars

Have a listen to this beautiful song by The Lumineers. I'm playing it on repeat because I love it so much. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and look out for more Rayne posts coming up in the next week. 
Much love,