Dress up your neck


I first tried this look out a few weeks ago and I thought it would make for a fun outfit post. Throwing together a sheer skirt, polka dot tights, a breton striped shirt and a paisley neck scarf sounds like a crazy combination, but I think it works. I've never been a neck scarf person but I really like the sophisticated and jaunty detail that a neck scarf adds to an outfit.

In this outfit, the purple paisley scarf helps to break up the severity of the black skirt and striped top. And I'll admit that wearing this outfit out, makes me feel very French and like I'm channeling a little bit of Grace Kelly or Audrey Tautou. Who wouldn't want to feel like either of those gorgeous women?

What initially started as a straightforward outfit shoot soon turned into a Kerouac cat focused post with the naughty cat making his presence felt as we played in the veld grass. So you'll have to excuse there being more cat pictures than straightforward clothes pictures, I just couldn't resist putting them in. 

Outfit: Skirt - Woolworths (also worn here), Shirt - Twist at Woolworths, Stockings - Woolworths, Boots - Aldo, Neck Scarf - My mom's.

I hope this inspires you to try out some unique clothing combinations like polka dots with stripes and even try out wearing the neck scarf! 


Pattern Remix

So you'll have read that I don't consider myself too much of a pattern wearer, never mind a pattern mixer. Mixing patterns, to me, speaks of a huge amount of bravery and confidence. So I don't know how I managed to get myself into the below outfit which not only mixes patterns but throws in some stripes as well...Gasp. The only reason that I thought of pairing this Jayjays dress (worn as a top) with my Cleo Droomer skirt from Mr Price, last featured here, was because I noticed how well the two complimented each other when they were piled on my bed to put back into my cupboard. I love discovering new outfits like that. So often has this proved to be a failsafe way of putting clothes together that I'm now going to use the excuse of, 'I'm discovering different ways of putting clothes together from a new perspective', as my excuse for a messy bed and at times a messy floor......

The pains of taking pictures in the veld is that sometimes you have to deal with blackjacks, like I am in the above picture. I don't know whats worse, pesky blackjacks or sneaky photographers who know a good photograph when they see one!

I found that when mixing patterns like this, its best to keep the rest of the outfit very subtle so as to avoid overkill. Why I think the mixing of the patterns works is because the top is very structured and linear which then balances the swirling flowers. The complementary colours of course help to tie the two pieces together as do the black accents of the stockings and ankle boots. 

But despite taming the loudness of the prints, I couldn't resist throwing in this stunner of a statement necklace from Woolworths. The flowers are made from tin and apart from the occasional issue of them not lying flat, this necklace is such a winner and instantly turns up the drama of any outfit. I've worn it with a plain white t-shirt and black blazer and the simplicity of the black and white with the dramatic necklace, makes for another look that I'm loving as the weather gets decidedly colder. 

And how sad to read about Robin Gibb, dying yesterday from his long battle with cancer. I've always loved the Bee Gees and their song 'To love Somebody' is one of my all time favourite songs. 
Rest in peace Mr Gibb. 


Workwear: The Peter Pan collar


By now, we're all familiar with the trend of the moment - the Peter Pan dress. One of the reasons I was drawn to my own one from Cotton On was because the shape of the dress meant that I could wear it for work as well. Working from home means that I get to dress fairly casually, except when it comes to meetings with clients. But this casual dress code doesn't stop me from donning the high heels and channeling some serious office chic like yesterday's outfit where I dressed up my simple Peter Pan dress. 

I have always had a great love affair with polka dots but before buying this Peter Pan dress, I never really wore this little polka dot cardigan. Funny how we buy clothes and sometimes never wear them until we have the exact perfect thing to wear with them. I don't know if anyone else is like that but I most certainly am! But now this cardigan is my favourite thing to pair with this dress, besides signature black stockings of course. And to accessorise this playful girly look - a black rose Alice band and pointy court shoes. 

When I was a little girl, I used to love Alice bands and begged my Dad to buy me them whenever he used to go to the Pharmacy. Watching him bring them out of the plastic bag was one of the highlights in my little five year old life. I've never lost this love of Alice bands and I love them even more as after recently having my hair cut slightly shorter than I'm comfortable with. An alice band and a cheeky updo are great for concealing how short and curly my hair is looking these days. 

Outfit: Dress - Cotton On, Cardigan - Edgars, Shoes - Edgars, Alice band - Woolworths

This is definitely one of my most favourite outfit posts I've done in a while. I love the outfit and I love the black white elements of the dress, the painting and the edited photographs taken by Kerry Botha. 


The magical work of Maria de Vos


I first met this very talented make up artist, Maria de Vos, at the Poor little rich girl shoot with Rayne, back in March. Maria was responsible for the killer Twiggy eye that Jess Sutherland wore in the homage to Edie Sedgwick. While this blog looks more at fashion and personal style than beauty, Maria's work demonstrates the  integral role and power of make up in transforming and bringing to life the designer's vision. 
Looking at Maria's portfolio, which  you can see here, she intuitively understands the dimensions of the face, their depth and how to add to them without overpowering the clothes or the model. Her skill is in the  quiet subtleties, which are at the same time hugely dramatic. Have a look at my favourite shoot in Maria's portfolio with photographer Merwelene van der Merwe and twins Abby and Claire Meekel.

If you'd like to contact Maria you can visit her website -
Or email her at

And the winner is....

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and to those who put up with my endless promotion of this giveaway. I have to say running a giveaway is hard work! And a massive thank you goes to Jessica Rayne, who gave me such a beautiful piece to giveaway. And on top of being so talented, she's just the most wonderful and generous person. I've also suggested to her that she needs to bring out a whole range of these daisy blouses based upon some of the comments I've received. 

So, for my first ever giveaway, I decided to go the age old way of drawing a name out of a hat, but with my own spin, of using my favourite purple felt hat which has popped up on this blog once or twice. As a disclaimer, this was a completely random draw with 15 minutes or so spent shaking up the names in the hat, to ensure an entirely fair draw (and also for some cool shots). So to the winner....

Congratulations Kimberley! Your blouse will be delivered to you within the next week! I am only 'mildly' jealous that this beautiful blouse is leaving my possession....

And to all of those of you who entered, if you really loved this blouse, have a look at Jessica's ASOS page which can be ordered and delivered worldwide.

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