A few ways to tie scarves in chic and creative ways

One of my favourite accessories at the moment are long cotton scarves, which are also a major fashion trend this winter. I have developed quite a collection, and find them both warm, trendy and the easiest way to take an outfit to the next level. But more than that scarves are so much fun to wear in multiple ways and I thought I'd share some of the ways I'm wearing scarves on these cold wintery days. I found How to tie a Scarf by to be hugely helpful with ideas and tutorials. 

The loose scarf
This couldn't be an easier look. Simply drape the scarf around your neck and leave the ends loose.This is a great way to give a casual outfit an element of chicness. And if leaving both ends hanging down doesn't work for you, you can just put one of the ends around your neck and hide it under the longer end of the scarf, for an quick adaptation of the loose scarf (see below for adaptations)

Leopard print scarf from Forever New

 Circle scarf
This is such an easy way to turn a long rectangle scarf into a circle scarf without having to sew the ends together. First fold the scarf in half and pin the ends together using the safety pins. I put one pin on both corners and a pin in the middle.Wrap the scarf around your neck, two or three times depending on the length and you've got the look.

Fox scarf from Next in the UK

This works best with a  square scarf, but if you want to use a scarf that isn't square like the one below, simply fold the scarf in half to make it a square then fold again so that the ends meet to form a triangle. Put the ends of the triangle around the back of your neck so the point lays down the centre of your body. Tie the ends in the back. Either let the ends hang down your back or bring them around and tuck them under the front triangle. 

Polka dotted scarf from Mr Price

 Chain knot scarf
This was a little tricky scarf to tie and to photograph. I found this tutorial very helpful. Drape the scarf around the back of your neck. Bring the sides evenly to front and wrap them around each other twice. Pull the ends to the back of your neck and tie them in knot. I love how chic and sophisticated the chain knot scarf is, especially when paired with a blazer.

Navy and beige polka dot scarf from Forever New
Boho Loop Scarf
Take the middle of your scarf and place it on the front of your neck. Toss the ends of the scarf over your shoulders. Bring the ends of the scarf to the front. Tie the ends loosely and you’ve got a very easy way to wear a scarf.

Navy and beige polka dot scarf from Forever New

Half bow scarf
Pull the scarf around the back of your neck. Adjust the ends so that one is longer than the other. Cross the longer end over the shorter one and pull the longer end up through the bottom, creating a loop. As you pull, keep the top end taunt so it tightens securely around your neck. Spread the bow and wear it either on the side or in the front. And if you want to make it more of a fashion statement pin a brooch on the bow.

Leopard print scarf from Forever New

 The loose wrap
One of the simplest ways to an outfit together by adding a scarf. Place the scarf around the front of your neck with the ends hanging in back. Bring the ends back around evenly so they hang in front. 

Fox scarf from Next in the UK

Who says dressing warm and wearing scarves has to be boring? Visit for more creative ideas! 

A splash of leopard print



My current obsessions currently are leopard print scarves and the classic cream Trench coat (as seen on my pinterest), but unfortunately both seem to be evading me despite my best efforts to find either. I did manage to find some mesh fabric in a leopard print like spot and have made my own scarf (pretty easy, just over-lock the ends of the fabric and voila!). The nice thing about making your own scarf is being able to choose the length and width of the fabric. And in my case the wider and the longer, the better for multiple wraparounds while still having enough length for the scarf to hang down.

But the classic trench appears to be evading me much to my frustration. I love the chic and effortless look of the classic trench and how it adds so much glamour even when just worn over a pair of jeans with pumps. The trench is a staple piece that will always be in fashion and last multiple seasons, hence it's desirability. I'm hoping that come August when all the winter sales begin, I'll find exactly what I'm looking for but until then, I'm making good use of my mom's olive green trench from Trenery. She happens to be cruising the Mediterranean so her cupboard's free game! It may not be the classic cream trench but I love the combination of the green colouring with the leopard print; perfect winter colours and layers for a lazy Sunday morning.


Outfit: Trench coat - Trenery, Jeans - Country Road, Scarf - fabric from Ameenz, boots - Aldo, Gloves - Marks and Spencers


Hello Amy ♥


"Embracing the return of artisan clothing, Jane Sews has created a world of playful poise. The label began with the idea that Amy’s own taste and love for vintage, whimsical items could be shared. An eclectic blend of old and new is inspired by clean-cut feminity and details from iconic eras, for a contemporary take on nostalgic styles. Celebrating natural fabrics, Jane Sews enjoys using luxe threads and supports local industry. The label offers a limited line of on-trend apparel and timeless pieces for the modern little lady."

For Part Two of the Jane Sews Crown of the Month (see part one here), Amy the lovely and talented face of the label, has answered some questions about her life and inspiration for Jane Sews. Accompanying her answers are some pictures  from her Autumn/Winter lookbook shot by Brett Rubin, as well the latest pictures from the Fall 2012 shoot with Thea Cogill, also seen here.

1. In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer?
I never dreamt of being a fashion designer, I  don't really see myself that way. I just have a relentless love for clothes.  I love how clothing can tell a story and that it's such a wonderful artistic expression. Being able to create garments is such  delightful thing to do.

2.How would you define your personal style?
 I like to think my personal style is vintage and contemporary. It's effortless-looking, yet at the same pulled together with a touch of awareness.

3.What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? 
It's hard to recall.... probably something for my rag doll. I always used to re-work vintage clothing and I wish that I still had time to do that. To me, doing that is such a simple pleasure.

4. What/who has been your greatest design and style influence?
The Internet - what a wonderful invention.

5. What inspires you about fashion?
I love how relevant fashion is. We all wear clothes, well at least we should. I love how fashion is interactive. I love how it is always evolving, changing, moving whether it is returning to a former state, re-inventing what once was or re-defining what is. 

6. Starting your own label, while still studying requires a lot of courage. What caused you to take that risk?
Throwing caution to the wind. A wonderfully supportive family. The thrill. Choosing not fearing failure. The opportunity to spend so much time doing what I love.

7. Where did the name for your collection come from?
My friend and I were throwing a few names around and Jane Sews stuck. As a young lass, some used to call me Amy-Jane. 

8. What are your sources of inspiration?
Melancholic music, Instagram, blogs, Frankie magazine, the outdoors, a change of scenery, travels, the streets. 

9. What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
To keep challenging myself, to stay relevant, to design wearable garments that are chic pretty-little-things, which at the same time define a playful-poise.

10. What are your favorite fabrics to work with and why?
 I love silks and georgettes for their soft luxe handle and movement quality. I also love genuine leather. The smell of leather makes my heart smile. 

11. What are your favourite pieces to design? 

12. How do you intend women to feel when wearing Jane Sews labeled clothing?
I hope they feel happy. 

13.When you create something, what goes through your mind?
I ask myself, "would I wear this?" I can't create something I don't have a conviction for.

Thank you so much Amy! 

Joining the ranks of Edie and the It girls


The talented Amber Jones is back for Mr Price's Project Limited Edition with her Edie and the It girls collaboration for It girls, past and present. This time round, her clothes feature a distinct 60's glamorous and gamine flair in homage to Edie Sedgewick, Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot. Yesterday, I stumbled across these beautiful pictures of the line, and I quickly got myself to the nearest Mr Price to find the printed green dropped waist dress that instantly caught my eye. Not that I need an excuse to find a pretty long sleeve dress for winter but I had a shocker of a week with my handbag and all of my most valuable possesions like my cellphone, wallet and drivers license stolen while out with friends. And well, for me there's nothing quite like a lovely dress to transport me beyond  life's stresses.

I love 1960's fashion because it was a decade that broke so many previous traditions of woman's fashion. It was a decade known for the miniskirt, the mixing of patterns and bright colours. All in all there was a new freedom and excitement in the clothing. And I think Amber Jones has captured this essence and created pieces which reflect this era of glamour as well as the elegance of Edie Sedgwick, but at a good price for the budget conscious fashionista. I just love Mr Price and their limited editions which bring us such great local talent at an affordable price. 



To add some more 60's style and texture, I've accessorised the dress with my late grandmother's shrug from the early 1960's. I love the interplay of texture, colour and the look of luxury of both pieces together. 


Outfit: Dress - Mr Price , Shoes - Steve Madden thrifted in Brooklyn, NY, Brooch - Accessorize, Earrings - Foschini


Introducing Amy Venter of Jane Sews

I am so thrilled to introduce Jane Sews, created by Amy Venter, as the second designer to receive the Crown of the Month. The Crown of the Month feature was started on my blog a few months ago with Jessica Rayne, as a way of sharing and exposing my favourite young up and coming designers to a wider audience. 

I have always been a great believer in the potential and development of young South African designers, and I take great pride in being able to showcase some of the best on this blog. And Jane Sews exemplifies all of those things through the creation of exquisite pieces that are luxurious and timeless, all while supporting local industry. 

I have long been an admirer of Amy's fashion sense and her label, which echoes soft femininity, vintage nostalgia, romance and a whimsical gentleness and artistry, all of which speak of Amy herself. And so for the next four weeks, I hope you will be as inspired as I am by this label and by the girl behind the clothes, as she shares some of her world and style with us. 

Here are some pictures of her Autumn/Winter collection which is available from Mememe  and MSC Boutique in Johannesburg, Mungo and Jemima and Mr. and Mrs in Cape Town, and the I heart Market in Durban. 

Aren't these pictures just amazing?

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