Henry Holland and FUN. collaborate with Mr Price

Today, the South African blogosphere is a buzz with news that Mr Price have collaborated with Henry Holland, the extraordinary talent behind House of Holland, and the super cool indie band FUN. to create two ranges of limited edition t-shirts which will be sold through Mr Price. And even better, R10 from the sale of each limited edition t-shirt will be given to the REDCAP Foundations Schools Project which empower learning excellence in schools throughout South Africa. How incredible is that??? Mr Price you have truly outdone yourself.

I am beyond thrilled about this collaboration as Henry Holland is undoubtedly one of my favourite designers ever since I got my hands on a pair of his limited edition Alphabet tights in the UK last here (as seen here). I live for his use of  contrasting black and white with vibrant colours and use of traditional British design elements like Houndstooth and Tartan. Even more so, it is amazing to realise how far the South African fashion scene has come that we are starting to see collaborations like these. Wow. I am feeling very proud right now.

For those of you not familiar with Henry Holland, his label House of Holland, is all about the 'London girl aesthetic' and is a label which is continually inspired by the variety of attitudes, cultures and mindsets that exist throughout London. The House of Holland girl is cool, confident and savvy and wears labels without letting them wear her.

AW 2012/2013

 Images sourced from House of Holland facebook page

If the thought of seeing this exciting range of denim and tees wasn't enough, I've been invited by Mr Price to attend the launch of this range and will get to meet Henry Holland in person. Woweee, I think I am still in shock even as I type this. So expect to hear lots of report backs from the launch (and equally as much fan girl hype). 

 Mr Price,  you deserve a standing ovation for being the most cutting-edge and innovative South African retailer. Well done!


Angel Wings

 Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share two of my most precious finds while I was in England. I normally go a bit mad clothes wise while on the High Street, but this year I found myself more drawn to accessories over clothes. This may be because shops were selling winter clothing which meant a lot of dark grungy colours which just didn't appeal to me. But never fear, I did find a few pieces of beautiful clothing which are just lovely and will make their debut on here soon.

Introducing item number one....  

These Angel wings from Miss Selfridge were on sale for £3 which I immediately snapped up not thinking of their significance to this blog. I'd say that I am not a huge jewellery person, but I this year I've seen the collar stud trends on everything from pinterest to the bloggers I follow regularly, so I thought I'd give the trend try. Only later that day when I was falling asleep, did I realise how apt these little gems were for me and my blog. I now officially have angel wings - so very appropriate for The Angelheaded Hipster.  


 And introducing item number two......

This green Stag head bag was such a lucky find at Accessorize in Sheffield. Why I say a lucky find is that I had seen in on Instagram on a blogger's account which I follow and the mentioned the bag being sold out both online and in stores. So when I popped in to Accessorize on a whim, I was absolutely delighted to see it there. And I haven't       regretted buying it even when I convert pounds into rands. It's a bag that I continuously get compliments on - such a keeper! I must have an obsession with stag heads as earlier this year I bought the exact same stag head in brooch form. 

Making his usual appearance....


Outfit: Blouse - Jane Sews, Collar Studs - Miss Selfridge, Jeans - Levis, Shoes - Mr Price, Handbag - Accessorize


Paris Je t'aime - La deuxième journée

During Day Two of my time in Paris (see here for Day One), we visited so much with the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the delights of Paul being some of the highlights. But reflecting back, the most special moment was was our dinner in the Latin Quarter where we were surprised to have two of our friends who we studied with surprise us at the last minute! To me that dinner was so special and the one thing I will take away and remember always. Friendship is much sweeter than any Macaroon Paris can offer. 

A splash of colour for the Parisian staple - Macaroons

Paris Je t'aime - La première journée

Paris is a dream city if you are an art, culture and fashion fantastic like myself. That much beauty happening in one city - the city of lights, is almost too much to handle especially when you have less than 48 hours to be there. Yup, as per usual I set my expectations as what to see and do far too high, and come the train ride up to London that Sunday morning, I was exhausted. But isn't that the point when you are in a new city?  Exhaustion and being overwhelmed are the natural results of stimulus overload. Coupled with being let loose in Paris, I was also reuniting with four special friends that I studied with while being an exchange student in America. I knew that this weekend in Paris wouldn't be one that I would ever forget. 

As I sit here, thinking about my time there, I find myself struggling with what to say because Paris, as Hemmingway said, is a moveable feast, and something which invites all of your senses. So no matter what I write here, I know that it won't truly capture the city. But I will try to share some of Day one and what I did along with the pictures in an effort to capture what a truly special place Paris is. 

My Apologies

An absolutely massive apology is owed to you, my readers, for the lack of activity on my blog over the last few weeks. I was away visiting friends in Paris and visiting the man in England, and it was my intention to blog while in Europe but some technology gremlins had other thoughts on this. I am now home sorting through 400 odd pictures and planning blog posts to make up for the lack of posts through October. On that note as well, I am also scheduling posts at least three times a week with new content and outfit posts, to make up for being a poor blogger over the last few months. This blog and you readers mean so much to me and I have been very frustrated with not being able to deliver content as often as I would like partly because of a tough work schedule and a computer that is on its last legs. With a iMac coming next week, a rested mind and a strengthened resolve to continue to build this blog and my brand, fingers crossed I will be a much better blogger. So please bare with me please as I make this blog the priority that it should be.

Here are a few highlights from my time overseas to tide you over until I have all the pictures edited and ready for me to share as well as what I learnt in each of the places I visited. It undoubtedly was the best two and a half weeks of my life.

Be back soon! 

Cleo Droomer does it again

 When I think of summer this year I think of florals, pastels, peplums and lady like chic, and Cleo Droomer's range for Mr Price is exactly that - a celebration of all things feminine and floral. 

What I love about his new range is that it is so signature to who he is as a designer, with similar ideas of bright colour palettes  patterna, easy fabric choices all being echoed in his first range for Mr Price which debuted last year (See here)

Citing Christobel Balenciaga and Christian Dior as two of his style inspirations, I see references to both designers in this new line with the use of the peplum and floral, but this is all Cleo with a sophisticated yet urban edge. 

My personal favourites have to be the dress at the top and the peplum skirt. Such beautiful pieces to welcome summer. 

The Cleo Droomer Project Range that hits selected stores and today. So what are you waiting for???


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