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Turning 23: The year of Champagne and Macaroons

Summer Thyme Punch Recipe from Taste Magazine - Amazing!

Monday was my 23rd birthday, and over the weekend I threw a small birthday party with some of my nearest and dearest friends and family. I'll let the pictures say it all, but I'll add that I had one of the loveliest and most special evenings - exactly as I had hoped. If you'd like to see some of the things which influenced the decorations and food, pop on over to my pinterest board here. The roses were found at Mr Price and the bunting and Pompoms are from @home and my dress is from River Island

Do you still celebrate your birthday even if it isn't a milestone birthday?



Topshop touches down in Sandton City

So after much anticipation and excitement, Topshop has finally landed in South Africa, with hundreds of people making their way to the shop yesterday to welcome it in. It was an overwhelming experience, as at first glance you would think that you were in one of the Topshop stores in England, and not right in the middle of Sandton. One of the great things about having a local Topshop store, is that the collections which are in England, will now also be in our local stores with no waiting period. I was shocked to see many pieces that I had seen in Topshop in Sheffield while in England over a month ago, sitting in the Sandton store. Good one Topshop! 

Many of the pieces in store fit the dark and edgy themes that are popular over in the UK, with lots of dark colours, gold and stud embellishments and velvet all being the style of choice. For me personally, that is not quite to my taste, though I did see one or two things which I would like to own. I look forward to seeing lighter and more summery pieces in store and I would love to see their Limited Edition Dresses, which are always beautiful and special, being stocked in the Sandton store. It will definitely be interesting to see how the South African market takes to this strongly English brand and how we integrate it into it our own growing style aesthetic. 


It is wonderful that we can now boast to having international stores like Zara, Country Road, Trenery and now Topshop, with the latest international trends right on our doorstep (at least for us Joburgers!). Now when will we get River Island???? 



On Trend Thursday - More pep(lum) please!

“The peplum tricks the eye. It is the modern way for a woman to disguise a part of the body that she might not love. For someone who does not have a lot of hip, it gives you a bit more of that attitude and for someone who’s got a little bit of stomach, it hides the situation” Roland Mouret. 

This is week's On Trend Tuesday (see the first one here), has now become On Trend Thursday, as despite my best efforts to get this up on Tuesday, I have been frantically busy with work, so please excuse me. So without further ado, this week's trend focuses on that extra flounce of fabric typically found on the waist called the Peplum. Thee silhouette for 2012, I've seen it everywhere from the runways, to stores overseas and slowly it's emerging in our clothing stores. But the peplum is not a new phenomenon in the fashion world. This little flounce of fabric was popular in the 1940's when Christian Dior debuted his revolutionary New Look Collection with this ruffle of fabric around the waist, which proved to be the perfect antidote to the paired back clothing of WW11 when fabric was scare. 

Despite the popularity of this trend, I'll admit that I have been nervous to embrace the peplum. As a short girl with curves (I'm a skittle shape in the words of my idols Trinny and Susannah), I wasn't sure that the peplum with the extra bit of fabric drawing attention to my long waist just above the area that I am the most sensitive about would work for me. But as is the universal secret ingredient to looking good in clothes, it's all about proportion. While a peplum dress,doesn't work for me proportionally, as shortens my figure by ending too high on my thigh, thereby making me look short and stout, a peplum top however flatters and enhances a slim torso and shoulders and creates an illusion of the ultimate hourglass figure. Because at the heart of that extraneous bit of fabric, it's all about celebrating and drawing attention to great curves and enhancing your shape by creating an hourglass silhouette. 

My advice to anyone who is thinking about trying the trend is to ask, as with all pieces of clothing, 'Does this make the most of the best parts of my body?'. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this trend and whether you are embracing this curvaceous look which is all woman. 

How amazing is this pearl necklace? I'd seen it on one of my favourite UK blogs months ago and squealed with delight when I saw it while in England in October.

Outfit: Peplum - Edgars, Trousers - Trenery, Shoes - Woolworths, Necklace - H&M 



Bright as Yellow

Since returning from Europe with its grey climate and even darker clothing, I've found myself veering more and more towards vibrant colour and print, something which I've never embraced to the extent that I am now. I've found myself infatuated with the pairing of bold prints and the contrast between strong colours like yellow or fuschia with monochrome stripes and polka dots. And one colour in particular that I've grown to love is yellow, in particular canary yellow. Yellow is also the colour for  Spring/Summer 2013, with designers like Zac Posen, Jenny Packham and  Ralph Rucci all favouring various shades of this delightful colour. 

And after seeing a yellow skater skirt on my all time favourite blogger, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, I set out to make my own little number and this is the result! I'm so pleased with this skirt which was pretty easy to make (I even learnt how to make a box pleat!). The skirt is made from linen, which means its lightweight and easy to wear for summer. In fact, I am so taken with this skirt that I'm now going back to the material shop to buy the same fabric in red and fuchsia to make some more skirts. 

Outfit: Shirt - Country Road, Necklace - Mr Price, Shoes - Zara



Mr Price launches Denim and Tees in collaboration with Henry Holland

Poppy Ntshongwana  with the man himself - Henry Holland

Yesterday, I attended the Mr Price launch of their summer range Denim and Tees in collaboration with Henry Holland, at the Roofop in Kramerville, Sandton. It was a fabulous launch with South Africa's fashion pack mingling, sipping champagne and getting a first glance at the exciting new range of t-shirts designed by Henry Holland himself. This collaboration with Henry saw him take inspiration from some of his most iconic runway designs to create a range of super cool and edgy t-shirts that will be available soon! 


Play this video to hear from Henry on his collaboration

"I was really drawn to this project when the guys at Mr Price told me about the hook up with the Red Cap Foundation. The fact that we can donate funds to this amazing charity through our fashion collection is a brilliant idea. I hope we can make a difference to these kids' lives through this collaboration." - Henry Holland

What stood out more for me than the bright colours, houndstooth or the stylish outfits of South Africa's fashionistas, was the heart behind the FUN. and Henry Holland ranges - Mr Price's contribution to the RedCap Foundation. The Foundation was started in 2006 with the intention of contributing to social change in South Africa and since then 200 000 children have been helped through the commitment to education. I walked away feeling so excited and inspired by this example of how a fashion retailer like Mr Price can play a significant role in the social space. How much more then can the fashion world, which is often regarded as being frivilious, play a role in bettering South Africa? This something close to my own heart and something which I am excited to see more of. 

And you can do your part in this by buying a t-shirt from the new ranges, and R10 from your purchase will go to the RedCap Foundation. So you can rock a super stylish tee while giving back and playing a part in empowering young South Africans. Nothing better than fashion with a conscience! 

The ladies behind Superficial girls and Lanalou Style:
Carlinn and Lana

Demonstrating Leigh Schubert's "we go together" - fashion and sore feet!

The amazing Mr Price team

And a few pictures from Instagram:

From top left : Playing in the Mr Price photobooth; Super cute nametags, One of the t-shirts from FUN. (which I ordered!) and modeling two of my gifts from Mr Price

I really can't encourage you enough to get involved and to get behind this initiative which promises to do so much.