Happy Second Birthday dear little blog


Today two years ago, I started this blog and what a journey it has been. You can read my reflection on last year's first birthday here. This year I decided that instead of cupcakes, I'd celebrate The Angelheaded Hipster's birth with balloons and a run through the veld grass in my garden. It was so much fun! Even at 23 years old I love balloons, especially pink ones. You can read my reflection on the second year of blogging and see the pictures after the jump, so click through! 

This last year with the blog has been particularly challenging with balancing work and blogging, coupled with growing up somewhat. It's amazing that this blog stands as a testament to my life over the last two years and in so many ways, it's been the vehicle thats helped to grow me, to challenge me and to hammer out who I am. A blog by definition is an online platform where an individual or a group of users record opinions and share information. And yes, I'd say that definition suits The Angelheaded Hipster, But its also been so much more to me. There has been much frustration, insecurities brought to the fore and disappointments on my journey in the blogging world and trying to grow my brand. But there has also been more opportunity than I could have ever predicted, sheer happiness at being able to exercise what I do, and even greater still two years later I am still growing both as a person and growing my blog. It may be slow and painful on both accounts, but wowee, what a ride! So whatever happens next for me on this platform (and I am really praying for big things and preparing for them), I know that this space has been about more than just fashion and clothes. It's been an arena for personal growth. So this year, I really have to say thank you to The Angelheaded Hipster for all that its brought me and as always, thank you to dear reader for your support and loyalty. It means more than I can say. 



Mia Maree said...

Happy Blog-versary! It is amazing what a blog can do to your life!


CityGirl said...

Happy Happy Happy! Ah I know there are huge things on store for you, perseverance is key and you have plenty of it! All the very best my friend xx

Sarah Botha said...

Thank you for such kind words Roxy :) xx

Sarah Botha said...

Absolutely Mia! It's a life changer :)

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