How To: Host the perfect Arm Party


The term 'arm party' was first coined by the genius that is Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, and refers to the stacking of a variety of bracelets one one's arm. An arm party may refer to just two bracelets but as with most parties, they are known to increase and get louder and louder. 
 In cases like that, multiple bracelets can often be layering all along the forearm. My own love of a good arm party only started recently when I took a chance on a gold chain braclet from Sass Diva and stacked it with my oversized Men's watch. The beginning of this trend for me was like an entry level soiree into what I like to think of as a mid-sized gathering that now rages on my left wrist

The guests of honour at my party

The art of creating an arm party is a subtle one. Here are some of my  tips for playing with this trend to ensure that you look more chic than a gaudy Christmas tree.

  •  Don't be afraid to mix gold, rose gold, copper, silver, different textures, pops of colour or patterns on your wrist. However keeping your bracelets in a similar base tone like gold hardware or silver hardware makes for a more cohesive assemblage. 
  •  Make sure that your arm party complements your outfit
  •  I would recommend keeping any chunky bangles off the guest list. They tend to dwarf some of the smaller, more delicate bracelets and create an overall sloppy look
  •  Mix and match thick and thin arm bracelets with different textures
  •  If your outfit is simple, don’t be shy to go bold with strong colours and chunky bracelets.
  •  A pop of colour gives your arm party more depth. Pick and choose no more than 3 colours of the same tone and shade for your outfit
  • Build your collection of bracelets slowly and meaningful. These bracelets are a signature look so take the time to pick bracelets which fit your style and aesthetic which you can wear for months too come. A stack of bracelets that all look the same lack the character and quirk of an arm party. 
  • If you wearing an arm party, try to keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum.  A minimalistic necklace helps the bracelets really stand out.  Let the arm party be the center of your jewelry statement
  • Wear what makes you comfortable. If 7 bracelets is four too many, don't be afraid to tone it down. You can always work your way up to Leandra Medine's 'frat party rager'.
What do you think of this trend?



Leanne Van Breda said...

Just saw your Tweet on Twitter and I was sooo excited to find another SA blogger. Us girls need to stick together. Great blog! I love your arm party!

Leanne Van Breda said...

P.S. I've also got that Sass Diva bracelet and I rarely leave the house without it.

Sarah Botha said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Yes we bloggers must stick together! I love your blog as well, you have great style :)

Laiqah Ally said...

Gorgeous! I love a good arm party! ;) I'm so in love with the arrow bracelet... Please say you didn't buy it long ago?

Sarah Botha said...

You and me both! I bought it at Sass Diva this weekend on sale actually. Fingers crossed they still have them. It's a divine bracelet!

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