Private Botha - Embracing the military trend

With all things military and army being the trend for Autumn in a variety of olive greens and khakis, it's hard to embrace the trend if you are anything like me slightly more on the girly side of things than on the tough and edgy side. That being said, I really like the army trend and have found myself trying on army vest after army vest, but too little avail. It works on me, but does it wow on me? I think not. Thats when I have to step back, take a breath and remind myself that while its great to embrace trends and to be on point, the point of individual style is to adapt trends to suit you. Lesson learnt - yet again. 

So here's my take on the military trend with this great olive green studded blazer, which adds a touch of military and keeps to the trend, but also makes me feel sophisticated with its tailoring and powerful lines and not like a frumpy soldier off to war. 

Dress up with House of Fraser

There's nothing I love more than a killer dress. For years, I preferred dresses over trousers, shorts and even skirts. Much has changed stylewise, but I still love a great dress. A great dress leaves you feeling polished through just one piece of clothing. A great dress highlights those parts of your body which you love, and downplays those parts which you are less than fond of. A great dress is the embodiment of femininity. And most importantly, I think every woman looks fantastic in a dress that accentuates her assets, no matter her shape or size. 

So when House of Fraser (squeal!) emailed me to have a look at their vast array of dresses online, I jumped at the chance to pour over their online site and choose some of my favourite dresses. House of Fraser is one of my favorite shops to visit when I am in the UK. It's similar to Stuttafords, in that its also a large department store which houses a lot of high end clothing brands, shoes and make up among other things. There's a great one just off of the Lincoln High Street which I am very  partial to and the one in Sheffield I managed to get lost in, not an easy feat if you are an ultimate shopper like myself. So as you can imagine their collection of dresses is just enormous with pretty much every type of dress you could want for every occasion. 

Follow the jump to see some of my top picks of the dresses to fit our slowly emerging season of Autumn, and some great party and date night looks.  Now if all of these could just appear in my cupboard....

How To: Mix Stripes and Florals


A little How To post is the blog post for today and it features one of my favourite and most interesting ways to dress; the mixture of stripes and florals. Follow the jump for more pictures and some tips for embracing this quirky combination. 

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